Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Good design is often about overcoming the little things that impede function, waste time, and cause endless amounts of frustration for the user. Paul Sandip has done just that with his 8 (Ate) pencil sharpener. Winner of a 2007 Red Dot design concept award, 8 (Ate) is a double-bladed, stainless steel sharpener that accommodates small and large pencils. The designer has found a way to eliminate the aggravation of sharp tips being broken, as the tip of the pencil never comes in contact with the sharpener. 8 (Ate) has been carefully constructed to omit unnecessary exterior enhancements, and with its satin finish, Sandip has brought form and function together in a study of simplicity that elevates this everyday item beyond its usual status.
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Function becomes fun with the Smith stool and storage system by designer Jonathan Olivares. With its multi-functional design, Smith beckons us to create our own way to maximize its usefulness. It morphs easily from storage container to extra seating permitted by its flat upper surface. Smith can be transformed into a desk shelf due to its cantilevered top, and thoughtful design ensures that stacking multiple Smiths is unhindered by the castors on each stool. Smith’s perfect balance between form and function allows it to be used throughout your entire living space and comes in a variety of colors.
Smith Stool :: $599 Cdn
Available through :: www.nova68.com

Clean cut

Even if your bird-carving skills are a little rusty, you’ll still impress your guests this holiday season with the Eva Solo carving set. Each member of this Danish-designed duo is created from a single piece of Asian blade steel, resulting in a clean, seamless silhouette that deserves its own spot at the dinner table.
Eva Solo Carving Set :: $110 Cdn
Available online :: www.scandinaviandetails.com

Peak Toboggan

German designers Wolfgang Sirch and Christoph Bitzer for Sibi toys have created the award-winning Peak Toboggan for the ultimate in wintertime fun. Molded plywood and metal runners ensure a quick ride, but this sled looks as good inside in a foyer as it does careening down a snowy hill. Seats one rider.
Starting at $370 Cdn
Available online :: www.sparkability.net

Winter Jacket

Perfect for the fashionista or barista on your gift list this year, our favorite stocking stuffer comes from Vancouver’s Contexture Design workshop. Reclaimed veneer offcuts have been transformed to do double-duty as either a protective jacket on her morning to-go cup or an eye-catching bracelet on her, for apr├Ęs-work cocktails. Avaliable in a variety of wood choices.
Coffee cuff :: $68 Cdn
Available online :: www.contexture.ca

Warm Ambiance

With their innovative designs and eco-friendly light fixtures, Propellor Design of Vancouver has created some of the most attractive ways to illuminate the long, dark days of winter. The environmentally-conscious will love the Furrow Parkade pendant, made from laminated bamboo, which is well-recognized for being a sustainable resource. If bamboo is a little exotic for your taste, the beauty of our own West Coast is brought indoors with the Galiano pendant’s reclaimed Douglas fir shade and light pull constructed with a wind-downed Arbutus branch retrieved from the fixture’s namesake, Galiano Island.
Furrow Parkade (left) :: $390 Cdn, Galiano (right) :: $318 Cdn
Available online :: www.propellor.ca

Chimo heat

The weather outside may be frightful, but the fire will certainly be delightful with this stainless steel, ethanol burning Chimo fireplace by Blomus. Add the sleek Chimo wood basket and 5-piece tool set and you’ll have everything needed to ward off old Jack Frost in style this winter.
Chimo fireplace $1,479.99, wood basket $167.39, 5-piece tool set $374.79 Cdn
Available online :: www.blomus.com

Home Office Trike

Roll in the office! A multifunctional home office on three wheels that follows you everywhere. Handy in size and elegant in shape, it provides mobility and a practical working space for all the workaholics that just can’t leave their laptops behind. The top flips opens, unfolding into a small workstation. Inbuilt wooden drawers with smooth contours open to the front and sides. Imported from Europe through Deeply Madly Living Inc.
Home Office Trike :: $2,350 Cdn

NOTCOT and Elemente in perfect Harmony

I was approached by Elemente Magazine a few months back, and i hadn’t heard of them. Apparently they are “Canada’s Alternative Design Magazine” on Architecture + Design + Lifestyle + International (as it says on the cover)… and they have been Nominated Best New Magazine in Canada (also on the cover). Well this is definitely one not to pass up on the newstands ~ its a nice super glossy design mag filled with a lot of content similar to what you find here at NOTCOT. In fact the O2 Cocoon i previously wrote about turned up on the cover of the latest issue! They have nice clean layouts, great typography, and i do love the super glossy paper. After being quite impressed with the back issues Elemente editor, Angus MacKenzie sent over, i even agreed to write a few short pieces for the latest issue (first time being in print as a writer!)… so i couldn’t help but share a few quick pics with you this Friday evening. You can check out my blurbs online at Elemente ~ but for frequent readers, it’s nothing you haven’t seen here… new copy, but i covered the Puma Urban Mobility line, Oxo Corn Stripper, and Art + Cook for them. Also check out the Elemente site for more insight on what else you can find in their magazine.

Emily Carr Alumni

Emily Carr Alumni: Kathrine Soucie Textiles

Uppercase Gallery Shatner Show

Featured in Elemente
uppercasegallery shatner show

Pass the Baguette

Jorg & Olif have introduced Scout, the latest in chic cycling. Scout is available in new colours for fall and a limited edition red. An Indian summer never felt so fine.
Starting at :: $545 Cdn (1-speed), $645 Cdn (3-speed)

Tokidoki critters

According to Magic Pony’s website, “Illustration, design, fashion and urban street culture overlap to create original works of imagination.” Mozzarella is the leader of the newly formed MOOFIA, the first in a series of dairy based figures. Mozzarella packs tommy gun heat, and comes with a smiling bullet companion. Cactus Friends features Bastardino and his canine better half Polpettina. Each figure 3” tall.
Available :: $40 Cdn (mozzarella), $35 Cdn (cactus friends)
Available at :: Magic Pony, 694 Queen St
West Toronto ON
www.magic-pony.com | +1-416-861-1684

where’s my shades?

Quite simply, we chose this one for its designer’s name. Element Design of Austria debuted this Rayban styled table lamp carrying a shade made from chrome-plated sunglasses at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. Available exclusively at :: Deeply Madly Living Inc., Suite 502, 255 West 36th Street New York, NY 10018
www.element.co.at | +1-917-860-3900

BBB Pick Chair

The new Pick Chair by Dror Benshetrit is an inspiring take on the maximization of space and the transformation of an object from 2D to 3D, from art to design. The first foldable cantilever chair, goes from wall art to functional furniture with a flick of the wrist. Materials: chrome aluminum structure with laser graphic woodcut.
Available for $1580 Cdn
Available at :: Ellipses Design, 1213 9 Ave SE, Calgary AB | +1-403-266-4442
www.studiodror.com, www.ellipsesdesign.com