Thursday, July 17, 2008

11 the beautiful game

Fooseball table designed by GRO design and developed by TIM model makers. Exhibited during the 2008 Milan Design Week. Players are machined from solid brass with the weight of each rod requiring the right bearing mechanism to allow the players to rotate smoothly. Chrome finished with ink filling for numbering. Game on!

Pop Dome

The Nomad Yurt, designed by Ecoshack founder Stephanie Smith is a fully-enclosed, eco-luxurious, portable outdoor room. It breaks down and pops up in under a half hour, and instantly gives you 20 sq.ft. of peaceful, shady, cozy privacy, with a light sturdy bamboo floor and weather MAX covering. Great for spa resorts, luxury campsites and hotels.
$9,700 CDN

Ewok hut or Acorn?

Designed and built in Canada, by Tom Chudleigh the Free Spirit Sphere is an eco-friendly pod-like living quarter that nestles and co-exists with it’s environments. The 3.2 metre spheres are made of Sitka spruce and can be hung from the trees or any other solid object like a building or rock face. Wood spheres are made of two laminations of wood strips over laminated wood frames. Fiberglass shells are also available.

Wood $100,000 CDN
Fibreglass $25,000 CDN

Myto Cantilever Chair

Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Plank. The official launch of the MYTO chair took place during the “Salone del Mobile di Milano”, April 2008. These colorful plastic stackables are not only comfortable, but fun to sit, bounce and play on. These Cantilever chairs are entirely made of BASF Ultradur High Speed plastic.

Sande ‘Wave’ Table

Inspired by the flow of water this eye-catching table flows from one layer to the next creating space for books, cd’s, remotes… It is part of a new line utilizing a sustainable eco-friendly, hardwood from Equador -- Sande. The sinewy forms in this collection take their cues from nature and are made to order by hand.
$1800 CDN

The Slacker Lowrider Lounger

The 80-90’s Nintendo-generation are entering adult life. Work, life and stress makes it harder for them to waste their days like they could when they were teenagers. The design is made by Fredrik Olsson and Sam Sihvonen. Produced in a very limitied edition.
$3200 CND

Havana Lights

Design worthy of a spot in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent design collection, the Havana Outdoor Pendant Lamp creates a hot Havana nights ambience. This outdoor lamp light casts ample glow for large spaces, but with a diffused light that integrates perfectly into the landscape of a garden. Also available in a staked version with an underground electrical box.
$550.00 CDN


If you’re looking for something a little more stylin’ than a garden gnome, this elegant sundial will bring sophistication to any backyard. The German-made Ralph Londermann sundial by Blomus, harmonizes form and function, bringing a modern accent to the garden scene. Stands 25.6” high, 14” in diameter and constructed of matt-brushed stainless steel and glass with precision-quality mechanical keys.
$754 CDN

A Real Swinger

A modern twist on the classic garden variety, the VITEO Swing combines design and quality for the ultimate in outdoor relaxation. The pendulum design and ball bearing construction guarantee a gentle ride. A unique removable backrest-system means the swing can be used as both a sun lounger or with a seat. This modular interpretation of the outdoor favourite boasts a hand polished stainless steel frame paired with a Teak or Thermo Ash paling surface.
$10,210 CDN

Bloke and his bloxes

Lego lovers, give the kids their toys back. The Blox system, designed by Andrew Wilson and Aza Raskin of Chicago, is the grown-up way to satisfy your childlike urge to build. Bloxes’ unique design allows would be architects to interlock each blox on all sides, allowing for limitless creations. Bloxes’ finished forms create structures strong enough to sit or stand on, yet remain lightweight. Connect them as unique space dividers, extra seating or simply a sculptural art pieces, the possibilities are endless.
$59.95 CDN / pack of 20


Vancouver’s Peter Rainier is constantly looking for new ways to explore functional art in one’s environment. His Spider Lamp, a life sized, bio-morphic design appears to elegantly climb the wall while lighting its surroundings. Ranier’s philosophy of ‘the difficult art of simplicity’ embraces many of his creations. Inspired by his son’s pet tarantula this geometric wall lamp creates a warm ambience through a sculptural and unconventional design. $700 CDN


Designed by Lime Studios out of the UK, this leaning wall shelf system works to address the problem of screws, space and do-it-yourself apathy. Using LG Hi-Macs Arctic White as the back material, along with five colour toned shelves, the system is put together by simply sliding-in and locking each shelf into place. The design provides a quick, easy and moveable domestic storage solution for any home, condo or apartment.

the Napshell

We’ve all heard the benefits of the power-nap; higher productivity, lower absentee rates, less desk drool incidents. The solution, the German-designed Napshell. Developed around extensive ergonomics studies of the human body this futuristic cocoon was designed and shaped to be comfortable for a wide range of napsters, regardless of body type or height. Visual and acoustic effects within the capsule were designed to provide maximum relaxation while an optimized reclining area helps to relieve back stress and facilitate the most relaxing sleep position. Napsters unite!
One example of the success of the power-nap comes from the lower Saxon city of Vechta. City administrators introduced a power-napping program into their employees regular work schedule. The result: it’s 100 employees are healthier, happier, more productive, and less absent. So the next time your boss yips off about how you’re arse is making a permanent imprint in the Napshell’s mattress, tell him to talk to the mayor of Vechta. After that its smooth napping until 3:15…oh yeah.
$15,500 CDN ($9,900 €)

On Edge Rocker

The Brothers Dressler continue to explore the endless usages of plywood with the addition of their Onedge rocker. Constructed from a single sheet of sustainable baltic birch plywood, the rocker consists of four repeated elements, turned on edge, which are then bolted together. The design provides form, structure and comfort with its cantilevered design allowing for movement and flex. The Onedge rocker is fabricated with as little waste as possible, and even extraneous materials are reused in other projects.
Sans arms $1690 CDN With arms $1840 CDN


Breaking up isn’t that hard to do, at least thanks to Matthew Kroeker’s Splinter Bench. This Canadian design perfectly evokes the peaks and valleys that come with spring-time romance. Designed as a figurative representation of the ebb and flow of relationships, the award-winning Splinter is comprised of two individual chairs each with uneven slats along one side. When pushed together the Splinter chairs unite to become a bench suitable for two. Made from plantation-grown teak and polished stainless steel, Splinter will be equally at home indoor or outside.
$1750 CDN / set

Singin’ in the rain

Vancouverites rejoice and lighten up thanks to the world’s first environmentally-conscious umbrella. The Brelli, a fresh take on rain gear, was conceived by New York’s Pam Zonsius after finding discarded, broken umbrellas littering the streets following a heavy downpour. The Brelli, a beautiful, sustainable alternative that biodegrades in less than 5 years was designed using bamboo and a patent-pending biodegradable plastic canopy which enables it to withstand gusting winds and heavy rainfall. Chic and functional the Brelli offers a bright, evolutionary step forward from the traditional.
$28 CDN small // $38 CDN large

Alpha Sphere

A combination of sound, light, and space provide an out-of-this-world relaxation experience thanks to the Alphasphere’s holistic design. The heart of this multi-sensory space is the blue lounger complete with special sound structures that provide tailored recordings by ‘sha’ which are felt throughout the entire body. The deep monochromatic shade of blue, the gentle warmth and the light rocking motion have far reaching effects: decreased stress, enhanced creativity, and a supposed increase in perception. It’s out of this world.
AlphaSphere stand-alone $6270 CDN
With corresponding room $9450 CDN

Time Block

Jonas Damon has deconstructed the alarm clock into its most basic components in this fully functional LED version. Created as part of his Open Edition line, it consists of four cubes, each containing one glowing number. Place the cubes in order, and the clock displays the correct time. Stack them, arrange and re-arrange them, and the time becomes abstract or at the very least, your own little secret. It may not help you find more hours in the day, but it makes a playful addition to any desktop.
Priced from :: $90 Cdn
Available through ::

It’s Showtime!

Up-and-coming Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, brings us a series of chic side chairs from his second Showtime furnishings line, aptly named Act II, for Barcelona Design. Drawing inspiration from wood, lacquer, wool, nylon and metal, Hayon’s desire was to create a simple form that could be accessorized in several ways, much like a car. The ability to choose between a high or low seat back, four types of upholstery in a myriad of colors, optional armrests, wood or lacquered finishes and two leg structures, ensure this side chair is at home in a variety of settings, as it blurs the line between classic and modern.
For purchasing information visit ::

Crystal Method

Finally! An LCD display that offers something more than just great resolution and a snappy response time. Dell, yes Dell, has produced an award-winning 22’’ widescreen monitor that showcases the company’s foray into designing aesthetically pleasing products. Sophisticated and sexy, the LCD panel features a subtly built in webcam and microphone, and is covered by ultra-thin 4 mm tempered glass which houses the monitor’s speakers. Even the necessary electrical wiring has been slyly incorporated as not to detract from the sleek look of the monitor and Crystal boasts single cable connectivity to maintain its minimalist design. Even the base has not been overlooked and is comprised of a sculptural, polished metal tripod which enhances Crystal’s allure. A stand-out addition to any office, Crystal is sure to please the techies and design-conscious alike.
Crystal LDC Monitor :: $1220 Cdn
Purchase online at

Do The Twist

Like Lego for grown-ups, the Twist Together lighting system by Glide Inc. is a system of modular cube lights that can be reconfigured to your heart’s desire. Additional sets create endless design options and accessories such as Twist Together’s aluminum shelving and wall mounts allow your creation to become more furniture-like or even suspended chandelier-style. Twist Together comes in a sophisticated chocolate color palette or the more Lego-like candy colored set.
Starts at :: $109
Available through :: Chachkas, 2423 Granville St, Vancouver BC,