Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good night eileen

The concept of this lamp is based on the principle of the hand torch, which used to be used at home when it was dark in order to get from one room to another.

This little lamp takes design cues from old technology. It’s modeled to remind you of the classic candlesticks when they were used for something besides mood lighting. It even features a porcelain base to complete the overall look. With it sitting on your nightstand few would be able to overlook it. Despite it’s small size and minimal appearance, it’s still eye catching.

Normally it sits on the base, which charges the lamp portion of the light. Since it leaves a charge it means you can carry it with you at night into the kitchen. It doesn’t keep that charge long though, the creator Christine Birkhoven mentions that after a few minutes the glow will fade. Which means it’d be better suited to wander into a room only to flip on the overhead lighting. Then when you’re finished with it, just pop it back on the base. It’s still only a design, so you likely won’t see this in stores anytime soon.

Designed by Christine Birkhoven

Calamete Calamente pasta fork set

Believe it or not, there truly is a better way to eat noodles! Calamete is a uniquely designed Japanese fork modification made especially for spinning your favorite noodles with ease due to its projecting “thumb” piece that simulates a hand. Perfect for any spaghetti or other long noodle lover.
Calamete Calamente pasta fork set

Cartagena Modular Outdoor Seating

The Cartagena Modular Outdoor Seating allows you to customize your outdoor furniture to fit exactly what you're looking for. This modern approach to outdoor seating gives you flexibility to choose from an armchair, a corner chair and an armless chair. It features an aluminum frame with waterproof cushions.
The Cartagena Table is a companion to the Cartagena modular outdoor seating. Like its counterparts, it features a synthetic weave with an aluminum frame.
Feel more Human.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Malibu Table

I’ll take the glass table with the ginormous rock sliced in half.

The Xbein Table by Florian Kallus

Does that look like something a Sponge would do?

Growing up, a baseball glove chair was the ultimate dream. In retrospect, the desire for a comfortable brown leather arm chair would have been more appropriate, and simply a little more refined. Peter Traag’s Sponge Chair (designed in 2004) does an odd job of combining the two feelings - refinement and exuberance. His work drapes an over-sized upholstery over a polyurethane foam injection, creating folds that are influenced by a sea sponge. In the brown leather above this works a charm. With the silver model after the jump, the jury is still out. You can get both versions of the Sponge chair from MOSS.

Camus Floor Lamp

“You cannot create experience you must undergo it”

Quoting from the prolific writer Albert Camus, the lamp is a manifestation of the dualisms of life. A beacon for the human experience the lamp is constructed to be a humble exterior shell teaming with chaotic self reflection. As light penetrates through the voids of the text, it becomes a symbol of the juxtaposition of our own internal concepts of existence and the ones we attempt to maintain on the surface. Continuing the exploration of typography as a means of decoration and structure (Dharma Lounge) the Camus floor lamp creates situations where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object through denotative and connotative ideals.

Art Begats Art Buoy Chair: Danny Kirk

Danny Kirk

Danny thrives on self discovery and observation, providing the inspiration that fuels his creative consciousness. Danny’s art embraces a multi layered system of information influencing and manipulating his perspectives of the build environment as he plays with the viewers preconceived notions of themselves and the world around them. Social commentaries play a prominent role and are represented through his use of characters, faces and the manipulation of text.

Due to an overwhelming response from the Toronto Interior Design Show and online fans, Palette Industries has moved ahead with the fabrication process of the Dharma Lounge, creating 100 studio editions. This is an amazing opportunity to own one of Palette Industries most exuberant works. Place your pre-order now to secure this one of a kind design. Each piece will be signed and numbered.

The Ornately Canadian Buoy Bench

Recently a private client who loved the Buoy bench concept (an evolution of the Buoy chair) wanted a more unique and exuberent version. And to our client’s delight we presented them with the “Ornately Canadian Buoy Bench.” With a custom Canadiana nostalgia inspired ornate pattern, and under the technical direction of acclaimed Canadian artist Bill Laing, this hand silkscreened bench has quickly became quite the attention grabber.

Dr. Martens Take A Bright Stride Into ‘09

With bright colors being the choice for 2009, Dr. Martens have unveiled their newlook 8-hole boot in some decidedly outrageous colors. And no part of the shoe is spared; expect the laces, eyelets and sole to carry the same green/yellow/red/blue colorways throughout. We can’t be sure what inspired this approach but it will be interesting to see how the shoes fare in the coming months. You can get yours exclusively here.

Smoke + Type Studies, 2007


Daniel Gordon from New Zealand explores relatively undiscovered terrain by mixing photography and type. Since the first time he published this pieces there have been many who have attempted to emulate his craft but have not achieved to innovate and keep it fresh.