Tuesday, April 15, 2008

metropolis chair

Not the fictional city of the Superman comics, but an art-deco inspired stainless steel wonder from Perry Lang’s post-modern furniture collection. Reminiscent of the Precisionist art movement, the Metropolis chair echoes art-deco themes of geometry, simplicity and elegance. 1930s futurism comes alive in the “streamlined” style of this modern esthetic that reflects a “graciousness of form” from a simpler time. The fluted detail, sleek upholstery and industrial feel make this a super chair for a new era.
$2400 CAN | www.perrylang.com
Avaliable at :: Routine
1331 16th Ave SW Calgary, AB | 403-802-4006

Outgang series x

Smoking is normally associated with negative headlines, but in this case it has produced something positive. Inspired by smoking bans in public places outgang™ recognized that now, more than ever, there would be a need for furniture that could be used outside. The perch is ideal for the shorter stop, or in other words, perfect for the smoker who is only going to be outside for as long as it takes to finish a cigarette. Using a continuous line, he has created a rigid chair that nonetheless has 3 distinct positions – upright, recliner and perching stool, along with a coffee table that matches the chair’s different heights, as well as a foot stool. Available in single and double seating sizes, in solid wood or acrylic. Designed by Graeme Massie the award winning Scottish architect.
seat: $2780 CAN, table: $2780 CAN, footstool: $920 CAN www.outgang.com | Avaliable at :: Outgang Ltd.
Beechmount Lodge, Carronvale Road, Larbert UK
+ 44 (0) 1324 415 539

Molo Paper Softseating

Paper softseating is made entirely from kraft paper, utilizing a flexible honeycomb structure to fan open into stools, benches and loungers. The magnetic ends on each softseating piece can also be used to join two or more. Available in natural, unbleached brown kraft paper and kraft paper that has been dyed a deep black with bamboo charcoal ink to emphasize the geometric pattern of light and shadow in the paper seating. Paper softseating can be used creatively and inter‑changeably as seating or low tables.
$140 (small)-$2670 (large) CAN | www.molodesign.com
1470 Venables Street, Vancouver BC | +1-604-696-2501

Light Stick

Sleek, sophisticated, and unusual, this 72 inches high light stick will ad that touch of contemporary to your living space. It’s made of polished stainless steel and as portable as they come.
$625 | www.koolhausdesign.com
Avaliable at :: Koolhaus
724 A 11th Avenue SW Calgary, AB | 403 731 5665

Picasso MorphPad

Schleeh Designs brilliant man/woman PICASSO artwork by V. Wonnacott. The 1000 sheets of paper in the flexible MORPH paper pad sculpture are designed as interactive desktop sculptures.
2” x 2.75” x 5.5“ artwork can be customized for the corporate community.
$18.00 | www.schleehdesign.com

Archetexture Bangles

Funky and elegant, these patently unique jewellery pieces integrate architectural plans cast in resin. Architectural plans are tie-dyed using a creative technique involving N.G.R. stains. Abstract patterns are sandblasted onto certain designs creating one of a kind pieces.
Avaliable at :: Frameswest
1221 - 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB | 403 265 8338

Luminescent Comfort

This comfortable Martha Sturdy resin chair and matching multi-layered chandelier illuminates from within and is available in 24 radiant colours. Martha’s dramatic resin furniture is sculptural and functional. Debuted at the “Maison et Objet” show in Paris this year.
$6000 | www.marthasturdy.com
Avaliable at :: Frameswest
1221 - 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB | 403 265 8338

Shimmer Vessel

Schleeh freeform bends incredibly thin, yet flexible sides of the vessel series using moisture and heat techniques. The Green Striped Shimmer incorporates a technique Schleeh developed using lightfast N.G.R. stains and shading lacquers. Interiors are finished with a waterproof resin
Approx. 33”long x 13” high. Flamed Birch.
Avaliable at :: Frameswest
1221 - 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB | 403 265 8338

Show Stopper

Mimicking the movements of flamenco dancers, back-to-back, and face-to-face, the Flamenco Chair, by Urbana Furniture of California, has been featured in Cirque du Soleil’s production, Zumanity, and Prince’s music video, Black Sweat. The tete-a-tete seating, made of a continuous-looped bent wood frame with claw shaped cast aluminum legs, is clean and minimalist, yet whimsically expressive – perfect for the open-minded and creative.
$4995 | www.urbanafurniture.com
Avaliable at :: Abode Modern Lifestyle Furnishings
1324 - 11 Avenue SW Calgary, AB | 403 209 2925

Burning Love

Marrying art with science, the Coeur Noir – the Black Heart – is form and function at its most exquisite. From the Lampe Berger exclusive collection of catalytic burners, this 100 year-old invention eliminates odours and purifies the air, all with a magnificent fragrance. The black heart is born from the glass ovens of Walterspergber, while the 3-legged cradle and neck are precisely polished from the purest metals.
$800 | www.lampeberger.ca
Avaliable at :: Joints Home Accents
1145 Kensington Crescent NW Calgary, AB | 403-270-0030


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