Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Piece of Paper

Mens et Manus II
"Best MIT-Themed Model", 2006-7 MIT Origami Contest.
"Best Original Design", 2006-7 MIT Origami Contest.
folded from an uncut square
designed by Brian Chan
October 2006
"I have always wanted to redo the Mens et Manus logo, the first version looked nothing like the real MIT logo, and the posture, expression, 3D-ness was very low-quality. But at the time, I had a very limited knowledge of origami."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dima Loginoff

Neobarocco, the lamp.
Made from Crude, Gypsum, LED, Gold. Design Debut Awards 2006: Best design for "Neobarocco" Crude Lamp

Brushwood rug made from felt.
Design Debut Awards 2007, Grand Prix. What if your rug is Brushwood... The nature itself inspired by Dima Loginoff. Touching the pile, the sensation takes you away to the depths of an autumn forest. All parts of the carpet are cut out and hand-sewn together of quality felt while no detail of the pile repeats another.

The C-Lounge is a new seating option from Dima Loginoff. Acrylic Interior


Designed & built in Qu├ębec, Canada. Made from natural aluminum. Let JivJiv soar on your doors & walls. Hand them your keys, bags, clothes, jewelry and more. Sustainability features include reclaimed packaging and a waste-minimizing cutting pattern.
The JivJiv pair of bird hooks is available online for 29.50 US$.