Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Designed by Dylan Gold of Link Studios, this wood coffee table features an extruded cutout of a tree silhouetted from the surface to the floor. Created from MDF and veneer with a lacquered finish.
Retail price is $2700,

Toboggan Table

Made from wenge and zebrawood veneer by Kino Guérin, in Quebec. The harmonization of contrasting veneers brings a new facet to the notion of equilibrium, which, without being directly inspired by nature, nevertheless emanates from its essence.
Retail price is $1900

Add Bank

Traditional piggy banks have had it all wrong. Jonathan Sabine, at Mat Cult Design Studio has ‘coined’ a new appropriate graphic for the money savings vessel. Add Bank will soon be available at Ministry of the Interior, in Toronto.
Retail price is $45

Knoop table

Designer Josh Urso combines his signature resin process with 1000 feet of military-grade rope to create his newly released nautical table line, Knoop (dutch for knot). Custom size on request.
Prices start at $950

Concerto dining

NY designers Lovegrove & Repucci introduce their new ‘Delft’ street life dinnerware collection. Rendered in the Dutch Delft vocabulary, modern London takes on a new ‘classic’ look. The ‘Concerto’ table takes the form of a grand piano with an iPod dock to host any dinner party in Grande style.
Concerto retails from $14,000
Delft dinnerware set retails from $100

Speaker Gods

The Giver of Divine Sound is stylish portable speaker. Mini-Gods are a direct representation of ancient and modern pop/street culture fused into one. Make room for the new gods in town!
Retails from $120

Rock the Block

The Geneva Speaker will put any ipod dock to shame. With a regal piano lacquer finish, the XL model has clear sparkling highs, detailed mids, and shake your house bass. Available in hot red, mean black or slick white.
L Model $979, XL model $1,749


The minipod is essentially an amalgamation of three spheres to form one pressure-vessel, allowing sound waves to move more freely, but you won’t have to worry about having to hide these Scandyna speakers as they will fit in with any urban loft or funky interior.
Retails from $500

Bare it all

Italy’s Nacsound has created a line of speakers which look like something you’d find in a contemporary furniture store. Most speakers hide behind a black mesh, but the Kayak single stereo loudspeaker bares it all with a suspended double cone shaped coaxial drivers; the acoustic reflector in the middle is for accurate stereo.
Retails from $2900 - $11,500

Spinal monolith

If you have $180,000 burning a hole in your pocket, then consider the Grande Utopia EM. It offers mechanical adjustments in order to optimize the perfect listening G-Spot. The 4-way, floorstanding bass-reflex loudspeaker has an adjustable spine, tweaked via an integrated crank system. 1458 possible adjustments for total sound personalization.
Grande Utopia EM $180,000 for a pair

Sound bites

These unique subwoofers are based on the ultimate woofers, yes man’s best friend. The “Woofer” speaker system, designed and custom engineered by Buro Vormkrijgers, comes as a set of two dog-shaped co-axial speakers. The ‘Woofers’ definitely have more bark than bite.
Set of two dogs retails from $875
Photography: Niels van Veen, Sander Mulder.