Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cha cha lemon squeeeezer

These are simply fun, fresh, festive and have a Barcelona feel spelt all over them. John Lemon’s lemon squeezer by Studio Cha-Cha, mat ceramic and soft rubber cover. Retail for $38.
Avaliable at :: Commissaires, 5226 St-Laurent Montréal QC

Wrongwoods cabinet

The cabinet is a collaborative effort between British artist Richard Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong. Woods, renowned for work that is often based upon abstractions of domestic patterns, has in this instance applied his signature woodblock print over a particularly spartan cabinet of Wrong’s design.
Retails for $4895. Avaliable at :: Bombast, 27 E Pender St. Vancouver

Crystal Fusion Hardware

Born from a love of crystal and a vision inspired by fusion of materials, K.STUDIO is a brother and sister duo based in Montreal. Creative design consultants specialized in crystal application for furniture and decor, they also design K.COLLECTION, a decorative hardware line with Swarovski® crystals inserts, available in various shapes, colors and a choice of aluminum or chrome base. Retails from $16 to $55.
Calgary :: Banbury Lane Design Centre Ltd -
Vancouver :: Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware Ltd -
Toronto :: Neff Design Studio -

Stick Chair

Designed by emerging new talent, Emmanuelle Moureaux, a Tokyo-based French architect & designer whose innovative approach to chair design wowed the crowds at last year’s 100% Design Tokyo, will be exhibited at the upcoming 100% Design London 2008. The design of the Stick Chair was inspired by “Mikado”, a pick-up sticks game which originated in Europe. The oblique placement of 7 round wooden sticks supports a heavy piece of acrylic, creating a perfect equilibrium. The strikingness of the design comes from its beautiful illusion of refraction: the sticks appear as if they are being soaked in water. Hideki Tanaka (Photographer)


This self-watering plant pot’s main feature is a medical drip feed. This unique characteristic allows the plant to be nourished with water and food as it is required. Included with the lightweight fibreglass plant pot is a height adjustable metal rod, a refillable I.V. bag and a flow regulator that allows you to set watering rates to suit your plant. The drip feed provides a striking design focus as well as acting as a reminder to its owner as to when it needs topping up.
Retails from $240.

Gady's Lowrida

Pending his first solo show at the R’ PURE gallery in New York, Jean‑Marc Gady is releasing two de luxe vases - one for Baccarat, the other for Bosa - at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris. With its low-angle lean and cut base, ‘Amphora’ is a crystal vase - that makes innocent fun of a house of Baccarat icon. The ‘Royal Rose’ is an octagonal vase, that can be placed on any flat surface, made from bosa ceramic.
Amphora retail price :: 2600 euros
Royal Rose retail price :: 263 euros

Sleep Safe Tape

Sleep Safe Tape is a roll of standard transparent 1/2" wide tape that has pictures of an eye printed along the length of the tape. Many situations exist where it is taboo to sleep despite the natural inclination of humans to rest their tired eyes. Examples include meetings, lectures, and conversations. With Sleep Safe Tape, users can get the shuteye they need while appearing to be wide-awake. Of course, Sleep Safe Tape is a novelty product and might not be used as advertised except by those audacious enough. Those less bold may choose to use it as a regular roll of tape.

Skforlee Speak er

Why speakers are called what they are. For sale in 2009.

Trident Seat

Powder Seat allows you to use your snowboard as the seat of the bench. The board attaches to the legs of the seat via suckers to keep the board protected. It can also be flat-packed for easy storage.

In the Round

Toronto design company Luflic introduces a unique technique by appliyng a crocheted nylon or felt sleeve to a tubular steel frame. Thirty feet of sleeve is required to upholster one chair. It is carefully designed to ensure no slippage of cheeks when sat upon.
Prices start at $2600

Saw Horse

Designed by Winnipeg Industrial designer, Matthew Kroeker, Saw Table pays homage to our ancestral furniture makers. The solid wood table contains several stylized “saw cuts” into which the nickel-plated lamp post is inserted, each providing a different intensity of light or no light at all when placed in the resting slot. A true reflection of Canadian design.
Retail price is $6500