Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Outgang series x

Smoking is normally associated with negative headlines, but in this case it has produced something positive. Inspired by smoking bans in public places outgang™ recognized that now, more than ever, there would be a need for furniture that could be used outside. The perch is ideal for the shorter stop, or in other words, perfect for the smoker who is only going to be outside for as long as it takes to finish a cigarette. Using a continuous line, he has created a rigid chair that nonetheless has 3 distinct positions – upright, recliner and perching stool, along with a coffee table that matches the chair’s different heights, as well as a foot stool. Available in single and double seating sizes, in solid wood or acrylic. Designed by Graeme Massie the award winning Scottish architect.
seat: $2780 CAN, table: $2780 CAN, footstool: $920 CAN www.outgang.com | Avaliable at :: Outgang Ltd.
Beechmount Lodge, Carronvale Road, Larbert UK
+ 44 (0) 1324 415 539

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