Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bicycle di fantastico

Realized by the Industrial Design Department of Alberto Del Biondi Industria Del Design in Italy, this avant-garde concept plays on the latest bicycle materials and technology. The new design is a minimalistic play on the typical city bike, using the concept of less is more to an extreme degree. Lines are simple yet dynamic while the overall design is an exotic concept that stimulates the imagination. The shape is extreme, flying in the face of classic bike iconography. The bike’s makeup is primarily carbon based allowing for maximum weight reduction in the finished design. Although carbon requires great expertise in modelling, in this scenario it allows Biondi the freedom to work the non-traditional design in order to retain key flexibility characteristics and strength qualities. The model is considered a ‘premium city bike’ for commuting and inner city touring. The design provides a platform for an extensive rider base while maintaining extreme styling and innovation.


TQuid said...

A "commuter" bike that not only doesn't have fenders, but which can't take them. I think they are stretching the terminology here.

Shimaceo said...

You could mount fenders, lights and even a rack on this bike.

What worries me is how one would stop or change a flat! :)

Then there's also the problem of locking a carbon bike up along side other bikes (not that I would if I owned it), watching it get cuts, nicks, gouges and scrapes in the carbon from all your fellow commuters.

Having said all that, it looks really cool.