Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good night eileen

The concept of this lamp is based on the principle of the hand torch, which used to be used at home when it was dark in order to get from one room to another.

This little lamp takes design cues from old technology. It’s modeled to remind you of the classic candlesticks when they were used for something besides mood lighting. It even features a porcelain base to complete the overall look. With it sitting on your nightstand few would be able to overlook it. Despite it’s small size and minimal appearance, it’s still eye catching.

Normally it sits on the base, which charges the lamp portion of the light. Since it leaves a charge it means you can carry it with you at night into the kitchen. It doesn’t keep that charge long though, the creator Christine Birkhoven mentions that after a few minutes the glow will fade. Which means it’d be better suited to wander into a room only to flip on the overhead lighting. Then when you’re finished with it, just pop it back on the base. It’s still only a design, so you likely won’t see this in stores anytime soon.

Designed by Christine Birkhoven

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