Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Bocci introduces the 22-series wall slimming accessory line

Bocci, Vancouver’s famed lighting design phenoms have been staring at walls. The success from their renowned chandelier installations and custom lighting work causing them to look forward rather than up. The design casualty in this scenario - the ubiquitous wall socket and family. Poor buggers.These ‘Ohh Noo!’ outlets, providing the world’s juice needs since time immemorial, required a much needed facelift – like Barbara Walters but without the soft lighting.
Creative Director, Omer Arbel, saw a design opportunity to deliver out a subtle response and challenge the traditional. The result, Bocci’s new flush mounted 22-series wall accessory line. The usual range of suspects from power receptacles to dimmer switches to phone/data connections and cable/speaker outlets can now receive a design Botox as it were through Bocci’s new system. Designed to “mud in” directly into drywall, millwork or any wall surface without a visible coverplate or trim, the 22-series is an extremely subtle and minimalist alternative to the long accepted offerings. One would have thought the Italians, with their big hair and uber-minimalistic slantings, would have presented a similar solution years ago. That’s one for the Canadians.
Launched late 2008 the 22-series is now available in North America, Europe and the UK.

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