Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crystal Method

Finally! An LCD display that offers something more than just great resolution and a snappy response time. Dell, yes Dell, has produced an award-winning 22’’ widescreen monitor that showcases the company’s foray into designing aesthetically pleasing products. Sophisticated and sexy, the LCD panel features a subtly built in webcam and microphone, and is covered by ultra-thin 4 mm tempered glass which houses the monitor’s speakers. Even the necessary electrical wiring has been slyly incorporated as not to detract from the sleek look of the monitor and Crystal boasts single cable connectivity to maintain its minimalist design. Even the base has not been overlooked and is comprised of a sculptural, polished metal tripod which enhances Crystal’s allure. A stand-out addition to any office, Crystal is sure to please the techies and design-conscious alike.
Crystal LDC Monitor :: $1220 Cdn
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