Thursday, July 17, 2008

Singin’ in the rain

Vancouverites rejoice and lighten up thanks to the world’s first environmentally-conscious umbrella. The Brelli, a fresh take on rain gear, was conceived by New York’s Pam Zonsius after finding discarded, broken umbrellas littering the streets following a heavy downpour. The Brelli, a beautiful, sustainable alternative that biodegrades in less than 5 years was designed using bamboo and a patent-pending biodegradable plastic canopy which enables it to withstand gusting winds and heavy rainfall. Chic and functional the Brelli offers a bright, evolutionary step forward from the traditional.
$28 CDN small // $38 CDN large

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Keystone said...

The first and only consumer priced functionally designed equipment in the article. Hooray for Pam Zonsius.