Thursday, July 17, 2008

the Napshell

We’ve all heard the benefits of the power-nap; higher productivity, lower absentee rates, less desk drool incidents. The solution, the German-designed Napshell. Developed around extensive ergonomics studies of the human body this futuristic cocoon was designed and shaped to be comfortable for a wide range of napsters, regardless of body type or height. Visual and acoustic effects within the capsule were designed to provide maximum relaxation while an optimized reclining area helps to relieve back stress and facilitate the most relaxing sleep position. Napsters unite!
One example of the success of the power-nap comes from the lower Saxon city of Vechta. City administrators introduced a power-napping program into their employees regular work schedule. The result: it’s 100 employees are healthier, happier, more productive, and less absent. So the next time your boss yips off about how you’re arse is making a permanent imprint in the Napshell’s mattress, tell him to talk to the mayor of Vechta. After that its smooth napping until 3:15…oh yeah.
$15,500 CDN ($9,900 €)

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